Wait, What? China Eastern Airlines Shocked with Menu Features “Imported Dog Food” 2023

We recently came across news featuring a Chinese airline serving ‘imported dog food’ on the menu. Read on for details.

Wait, What? China Eastern Airlines' Menu Features 'Imported Dog Food'
Wait, What? China Eastern Airlines’ Menu Features ‘Imported Dog Food’

Flying in business class is a cherished dream for many. With a considerable investment in the tickets, passengers anticipate a luxurious experience, including extra comfortable seats and delectable meals. However, a recent incident on a China Eastern Airlines flight shattered all these expectations when a passenger shared images of the lunch and dinner menu, revealing the inclusion of a rather unappetizing dish named “imported dog food.” The shocking revelation not only raised concerns about the airline’s quality control but also left travelers shocked at the thought of being served pet food instead of the gourmet offerings during their upscale journey.


A person named Conrad Wu brought attention to an unsettling incident by sharing a snapshot of the menu on his Facebook account. The menu displayed a variety of dishes, including appetizers, soups, and breads, with options like vanilla shrimp, asparagus tips, grilled steak, and more. However, a disturbing revelation emerged as an arrow pointed directly at an item named “imported dog food.” The Chinese caption accompanying the image translated to “What exactly is the China Eastern Airlines Business Class menu?”


Take a look at his post below for Imported Dog Food

The post in no time garnered attention, with people reacting to it strongly. However, some people stated it to be the outcome of poor Google translation.

A user wrote, “When people sit down in business class, they eat dog food.”

Someone pointed out that it might be a translation error by commenting, “A hot dog?”

“Imported goods are high-end,” joked a person.

A satirical comment read, “What a great pet-friendly airline.”

A user aptly questioned, “More important, what is it in Chinese??”

Clarifying that it’s a translation mistake, a user penned, “No, when you read the rest of the menu, almost 90% of the English is wrong. Such a joke as an international airline.”

Post a comment While it is still not clear what the translated menu on board the China Eastern flight is referring to, The Independent has contacted the operator for clarification.


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