iOS 17.1 Released – 21 New Magic Features You Should Know!

This update will take your iOS experience to a whole new level. Apple recently released iOS 17.1 and it has some new features that will make your life easier.

iPhone 15’s Dynamic Island
I have mentioned 14 new features in this article. This is for iOS 17.1 Beta 1.

Here are 7 more features we’d love to see in later Betas.

# 1. Change to StandBy Always-On display

In iOS 17.0, you can only set Standby to Always On or Normal.

StandBy settings in iOS 17.0
But in iOS 17.1, you have three options:

StandBy Display settings in iOS 17.1
If you want
• Automatically turn off the screen when not in use and when the room is dark.
• After 20 seconds, the display will turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity.
• the display will never, ever turn off. (Available on iPhone 14 and 15 Pro models only).
PS: Go to Settings ⚙️ <StandBy <Display.

# 2. Select Album to change the wallpaper

This is the long awaited addition to iOS.
If you add a new wallpaper with Photo Shuffle, you can now choose from one of your Photos albums

Using Album for Photo Shuffle for Wallpaper in iOS 17.1

– so that the added image keeps changing according to your choice.
Before, there were only people and cities, but no Albums.

# 3. Map button behaves differently when in the pocket

The Map button is a great new addition to your iPhone. (Available on all iPhone 15 models)
However, many people have faced problems with accidental clicks while in their pocket and pressing the button to initiate the action.
So, Apple has a plan in iOS 17.1.

The camera, shutter, voice memo, focus, and zoom actions and action buttons no longer work when the iPhone is in the pocket.
Only Silent actions and Shortcuts work.

Also, if your iPhone is in your pocket, you’ll need to hold down the Action button longer to initiate an action. This is a deliberate delay.

This is made possible by the Proximity sensor, which checks whether the iPhone is in the pocket or not before starting the movement.

# 4. Shortcut to the action button

Smart people.

They know that action buttons can be shortcuts. So they put all their shortcuts in a folder and use the Action key to activate a shortcut that opens that folder.

In iOS 17.0, when you do this, this is what you see:

Using Album for Photo Shuffle for Wallpaper in iOS 17.1

It will only show 7 shortcuts and the 8th one will open the shortcut app.
But in iOS 17.1 this will open:

Shortcut folder when triggered by Action Button in iOS 17.1

It doesn’t matter how many shortcuts a folder has, it will only show the first eight.

# 5. Long press response in the message

This is a more subtle feature.
The glyph next to the Messages text box will give you access to the Messages app extension.

iOS 17

But if you long press (and hold) it, you can access your Photos directly.

iOS 17.1 will give you a very quick vibration when doing something that iOS 17.0 didn’t.

(This requires System Haptics to be turned on in Settings ⚙️ <Sounds & Haptics.)

# 6. Text size increases

Text Tones in Settings ⚙️ < iOS Sounds and Haptics seem to be stronger in iOS 17.1 than in iOS 17.0.

Bonus features

• The Home app now supports locking and unlocking Matter lock. (More in Chapter 7 of this article →)

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It looks like Apple’s next surprise after iOS 16

• The update adds support for the Nintendo Switch N64 controller for the game.

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