Florida Baseball coach alleged affair – Causes death of 3 people

Did Florida Baseball coach alleged affair cause death of 3 people? Barstool podcaster’s claim about Kevin O’Sullivan’s wife examined

florida baseball coach affair

During the College World Series, Barstool Sports personality Jack McGuire made a wild claim about Florida’s baseball coach.

McGuire claimed that he had just heard a story from 2021 about coach Kevin O’Sullivan allegedly having an affair with one of the bat boy’s mothers, which triggered a sequence of events that culminated in three deaths.

Florida Baseball coach alleged affair-2021

“Back in 2021, Florida’s baseball coach allegedly slept with one of the bat boy’s mothers. When the mother’s husband found out about it, he killed himself and his two kids, set his house on fire. Then, after all this happened, the mother went and married Florida’s baseball coach.”

It is an absolutely insane story and it’s something that could hardly be imagined. However, it is important to note that there is no credible evidence to support McGuire’s claim.

University Of Florida Coach's Wife Accused Of Sexual Harassment By The  Internet For Kissing The Football Team's Players - BroBible

According to Florida Politics, O’Sullivan’s wife’s former partner shot his two kids and killed himself after learning about an extramarital affair, but there is no evidence to suggest that the affair was with the baseball coach.

Moreover, the same report claimed O’Sullivan and Minde only began dating after the murders, although they had been friends for several years.

Florida Baseball coach alleged affair

Considering that even McGuire was incredulous at the lack of reporting on the incident, it may be best to take this wild tale with a grain of salt.


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