Who is Bhupendra Jogi and why is he trending?

The viral video featuring Bhupendra Jogi was originally captured during the Madhya Pradesh elections in 2018.


In the ever-evolving world of social media, trends come and go in the blink of an eye. But, occasionally, there’s a resurgence of something from the past that takes the digital world by storm. Currently, the name on everyone’s lips and timelines is Bhupendra . Memes and recreations of his iconic video are flooding social media, causing the matter to go mega-viral. What’s fascinating is that the video in question is over five years old, but it has found new life on the internet.

The original story that started it all

The viral video was originally captured during the Madhya Pradesh elections in 2018. It came into the spotlight as a response to BJP’s claim that the state’s roads were superior to America’s. Bhupendra became a household name due to his candid conversation with the Lallantop team.

During the interaction, Bhupendra was asked for his name and the names of places he had visited in the US. His response was simple yet unforgettable. He introduced himself as Bhupendra Jogi, and this marked the birth of an internet sensation. For years, the video remained relatively dormant, until now.

Why Bhupendra Jogi is trending again

The internet has a way of resurrecting forgotten gems. His video has resurfaced for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, his straightforward response and memorable introduction captured the hearts of people.

Additionally, the absurdity of the situation featuring Bhupendra’s confidence has struck a chord with people yet again.

Bhupendra Jogi’s memes are taking over the internet

As he reclaims his viral fame, the internet’s creative minds are hard at work churning out memes and remixes of the original video. Some are humorous, some pay homage, and others add fresh, imaginative twists to the iconic clip.

Bhupendra Jogi


So if life gives you problems, just say Bhupender Jogi and move on!



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