Temptation Island India Contestants 2023 List: Urvi Shetty, Mahima Seth- Female Tempters


Temptation Island India Contestants List: Urvi Shetty, Mahima Seth, Shagun, Navisha, Shraddha- Female Tempters


Introducing the gorgeous girls of Temptation Island India-


  1. Urvi Shetty


Urvi is a complete animal lover, making her a true pet enthusiast. Despite her simplicity, she harbors lofty ambitions, with a successful modelling career under her belt, including her remarkable journey as a finalist on MTV India’s Next Top Model. Amongst the temptations on the island, Urvi wants to find someone who will give her space and can get her out of her comfort zone.


  1. Mahima Seth


Bubbly and cheerful, Delhi girl Mahima has made her mark as a content creator. Her infectious cuteness and vibrant energy make her stand out. She is a comedy content creator which makes her different from everyone and has got complimented by her wit and humor from the boys, which adds an interesting layer to her journey on Temptation Island.

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  1. Rajvi


Fashion model and make-up artist, the bold and confident Rajvi hails from Surat, whose outgoing and extroverted nature, coupled with a captivating accent, makes her irresistible to the men. She promises to be one of the most sought-after tempters on Temptation Island.


  1. Neha Anand


Popular Reality Shows That Will Add To Entertainment Extravaganza, This Festive Season Neha is a confident and charming sports broadcaster who is open to the idea of finding love on Temptation Island. Her family’s film background adds depth to her character, making her an interesting addition to the show. Neha says she is a “Filmy Keeda,” and loves to watch movies and wants someone like Shah Rukh Khan who will always respect her partner like Kajol on the island.

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  1. Shraddha Tiwari


Sensible and confident, Chhattisgarh girl Shraddha firmly believes in her capabilities. She likes casual flirting but is in the hope to find true love! She wants her man to be equally and ambitious like her!


  1. Navisha Raj Kashyap


Pune girl Navisha is a sweet and emotionally connected individual who is on the lookout for a strong bond for herself. She is very emotional and wants a man who is mature and sensible and can make her understand whenever she is going the wrong way. She needs a man who can take care of her emotions and value them.


  1. Shagun Daggar


Shagun has been Miss Madhya Pradesh, who is strong-headed and ready to take up any challenge. She believes that patience is the key to having a good relationship. She likes tall boys who have dimples and knows how to talk to women and show them respect. Shagun is a bubbly girl who loves to meet new people and interact with them.

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  1. Ruma Sharma


Popular social media influencer Ruma is passionate about dance. Her straightforward outlook artistic pursuits make her a unique contestant on the island. Sugar, spice and everything nice – these tempters are all set to ‘tempt’ the couples soon after they split and head to different villas! Will someone find their true love on Temptation Island India! Action begins today starting 8PM, only on JioCinema!


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