“Sydney Sweeney leaked nudes”: How this ‘trending topic’ on X is spreading malware

Sydney Sweeney leak: Hackers are using social engineering to redirect vulnerable users of X to shady websites promising naked celebrity videos. The ‘Sydney Sweeney leak’ is being exploited to spread malware. Clicking the links exposes users to explicit content and security risks. Not long ago, Taylor Swift AI-generated images also circulated on X.

Spreading malware (or virus) from fake websites ‘promising’ naked photos and videos of celebrities is not a new way of targeting users. Hackers are now resorting to new social engineering ways to target unsuspecting people, and one of the methods is to redirect users of various social media platforms to dubious websites. According to a report, cybercriminals are using the “Sydney Sweeney leak” trending topic on X (formerly Twitter) to take users to shady websites that upon access infect their devices with malware.

First reported by 404 Media, scammers are now preying on ‘vulnerable’ users to visit dangerous websites promising naked videos of the actress. The report said that several posts with a short clip and a bunch of links have been masquerading on X.

Sydney Sweeney leak

X removes searches related to “Sydney Sweeney leak”

When The Times of India Tech team did a quick search for “Sydney Sweeney leak” on X, it returned a message saying, “Something went wrong. Try reloading”, suggesting that X has blocked the search term. However, terms like “Sydney Sweeney” returned a bunch of posts with the shady links
The clip in the posts shows blurred images that seem to have explicit images and videos, with the post suggesting that upon clicking the links will take them to a website that will give access to the actress’s leaked videos. The images may have been taken from other pornographic websites to generate interest.
The report said that the links are taking curious users to unreliable websites, potentially making them susceptible to

malware attacks. The links purportedly proliferated on X due to heightened activity around the actress who made an appearance at a show last week.


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The websites reportedly triggered warnings from antivirus software installed on the devices, indicating security risks associated with the websites.
Not long ago sexually explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift circulated on X with one of the posts garnering more than 45 million views before it was removed.

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