New WhatsApp Feature To Allow Users To Filter Status Updates 2023

Check the newest WhatsApp feature that will allow users to filter status updates

New WhatsApp Feature To Allow Users To Filter Status Updates
New WhatsApp Feature To Allow Users To Filter Status Updates

A few months ago, WhatsApp launched the channel feature live in India. Through this feature, one can connect with their favorite creators, celebs, and organizations even without a number. To connect with any celeb or organization, one just has to search his name and follow him. But due to the introduction of this new channel feature, WhatsApp users have been facing difficulty in viewing status updates.

If you are connected to any channel, then if you go to the status tab, all the statuses start appearing at the top in horizontal form. They appear to be in a straight line and this is what causes trouble. Due to this, many users find it difficult to understand which statuses they have seen, which statuses are muted, and which ones are recent. To eliminate this problem of users, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that gives the user an option to filter the status. The users will be getting the option of All, Recent, Viewed, and Muted at the top to filter the status.

Under the All section users will be able to see the status of all the contacts. Similarly, in the Recent tab, they will get to see the status updates that were recently posted by the people. Similarly, in the View section, the list of statuses will be visible that have already been viewed by the users, and in the Muted tab, they will see such statuses that they have muted. This feature will prove to be beneficial for those people who are connected to the channel and were having trouble tracking the status.

Currently, the company has released this update for Android beta testers, which the company can roll out for everyone in the coming time. If you also want to be the first to get all the new updates on WhatsApp, then you can enroll in the company’s beta program.


WhatsApp Feature: The new icons for chat attachment menu will be available in a grid arrangement.

WhatsApp Updates: New Icons for Chat Attachment Menu for Beta Version; Details

The popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp feature, owned by Meta, is working towards a new update for users. It will have a more modern feel. According to the latest details, users can expect new icons for chat attachments. These icons will be present in a grid arrangement for a better look. Users will find it easier to share what they want to in a conversation. The developers of WhatsApp keep updating the app so that users have a good experience.

Users must go through the latest details about the brand-new update on WhatsApp feature. As per the details announced by WABetaInfo, in the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update, users can access redesigned icons in the chat attachment view. Beta testers who have this update can use new icons like image sharing, contacts, documents, etc.

Here are some of the latest updates on WhatsApp you should know if you use it. The new updates and features will help you send messages and documents conveniently. Read till the end to know the details.

WhatsApp Updates: Shortcut Icon and New Icons

According to the official announcements, WhatsApp feature is rolling out an easy shortcut to open AI-powered chats via the Chats tab. The feature is located above the new chats icon and the button makes the process easier.

It allows users to quickly access AI-powered chats without scrolling through the contact list. One should note that this feature is currently rolling out for some beta testers who have updated their app for Android via the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp feature is planning to make this accessible to various users in the coming weeks so make sure you have downloaded the updated version.

Apart from this feature, one can also access the other update which is the improved chat menu with redesigned icons. It will support sharing documents seamlessly. To know more about the feature, you have to wait for the complete rollout. The instant messaging platform owned by Meta is expected to make the feature available for most users soon.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO and Founder, recently announced that WhatsApp Channels now supports more than 500 million monthly active users.

WhatsApp Channels is a new feature that was introduced recently and gained a lot of attention from users. All the updated versions support this feature.

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