Harry Styles shaved his head: See his shocking hair transformation 2023

Harry Styles is no longer keeping his hair the way it was. The singer was photographed hugging his baby bump while hanging out with his girlfriend Taylor Russell at a U2 concert in Las Vegas.

Harry Styles in front of a step-and-repeat backdrop reading "tiff" in dark green suit with leafy adornment

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The Grammy-winning singer Harry Styles with a Fresh Buzz cut

The Grammy-winning singer recently parted ways with his famous curly mop in exchange for a fresh buzz cut, according to photos obtained by TMZ.

The Don’t Worry Darling actor, 29, decided to rock a dramatic new look at the U2 concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas, where he got cozy with his girlfriend, rumored to be Bones and All actress Taylor Russell, according to the outlet.

It’s unclear exactly when Harry Styles shaved off his brunette locks (he was last seen in public in September with his longer ‘do) or exactly why he made the decision, but one thing’s for sure: fans are mourning the superstar’s signature look.

Harry Styles’ hair has gone through many eras, including when he opted for rocking shoulder-length locks in 2015. Still, the only cut that has stuck around for the past few years has been his tousled, textured waves, which gave the singer his mega Love on tour.
In July, PEOPLE spoke with his hairstylist Ayae Yamamoto, the woman behind Harry Styles’ onstage look, about how she treated the mane with such respect.

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PICTURED: Harry Styles shows off his brand new buzz cut as he enjoys a U2  concert with girlfriend Taylor Russell - after sending fans into meltdown  by shaving off his famous curls |

“His hair is so beautiful! He is such an energetic performer and moves around a lot on stage, so I have to think about that when I set him up. He shakes his hair when he performs, so I have to think about that movement when I style his hair,” Yamamoto revealed.
“I really consider the venue and the current weather—humidity makes a difference when it’s an outdoor show. We start with wet hair and I try to use drying products that work against movement and sweat.

They’re not necessarily waterproof.” products — I don’t want his hair to look dry — but things that will keep his hair shiny and natural at all times. If he doesn’t have enough product, his hair might fall out, but sometimes it can get really frizzy. And you want it to keep the curl and volume.”

Of course Yamamoto was in charge of one of the most famous heads of hair in the world and felt some pressure to get it right.
“Fans are so excited about his hair! It made me nervous at first. But now I get a lot of nice messages and it makes me very happy. Every time she compliments Harry Style’s hair, it’s a compliment to me and it makes me so happy, like, Okay, I’m doing something here. They’re such big fans and they know his hair so well, so I want to do it with them because I’m such a big Harry Style fan now too.”

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