A Historic Moment: Chandrayaan-3 Pragyan Rover Embarks on Lunar Exploration

Chandrayaan-3 Pragyan Rover Embarks: New Delhi, August 23, 2023—A momentous occasion has been etched into history as India achieves an unprecedented lunar landing at the South Pole. This landmark achievement places India in an exclusive league alongside the U.S., Russia, and China as one of the few nations to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon’s surface. The credit for this remarkable accomplishment goes to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its Chandrayaan-3 mission. In a recent update, ISRO announced that the Chandrayaan-3 Rover, named Pragyan, has gracefully descended from the Vikram lander and embarked on its lunar journey. This significant step follows the successful landing of the Vikram lander on the moon’s surface a day prior.


Chandrayaan-3 Rover: A Proud Indian Endeavor

With the message “Chandrayaan-3 ROVER: Made in India 🇮🇳 Made for the MOON🌖! The Ch-3 Rover ramped down from the Lander and India took a walk on the moon! More updates soon,” ISRO shared this historic stride on its Twitter feed.



Following its successful landing, Pragyan patiently awaited the lunar dust to settle. The first image of the rover emerging from the Vikram lander has been unveiled by Pawan K Goenka, chairman of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre.

A Symbolic Imprint on the Lunar Surface: Pragyan’s Journey

A curtain-raiser video released by ISRO before the mission showcased emblem imprints on the rover. As Pragyan navigates the moon’s terrain, it leaves behind symbolic logo imprints using its rear wheels.

After a gentle touchdown, the rover will elegantly maneuver down from the lander’s belly onto the moon’s surface, utilizing one of its side panels as a ramp. Both the lander and rover are designed for a mission span of one lunar day, equivalent to roughly 14 Earth days, enabling extensive studies of the lunar environment. ISRO remains open to the possibility of extending their operational period by another lunar day.

Scientific Exploration and Symbolic Legacy

The exploration of the moon’s south pole is motivated by the potential presence of water in areas cloaked in perpetual shadow. Chandrayaan-3 carries four scientific instruments as payloads, with responsibilities including the study of moonquakes, heat distribution across the lunar landscape, the plasma environment around the moon, and the precise measurement of the moon-Earth distance.

Beyond its scientific pursuits, Pragyan will imprint a lasting legacy by leaving behind a symbol of ISRO and India’s national emblem—the Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath. Pragyan Rover Embarks.

In summary, August 23, 2023, shall forever remain a significant milestone as India cements its name in lunar exploration history with the Chandrayaan-3 mission. The deployment of the Pragyan Rover represents both scientific advancement and a proud national achievement, leaving an indelible mark on the moon’s surface and in the hearts of millions.

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