Bigg Boss Day 17 Episode 27: Highlights: Ankita Lokhande calls Mannara Chopra ‘stupid’

The immunity challenge from the previous episode has resulted and can be seen in the 17th episode of Bigg Boss today. On the 27th, there were several fights at home. The episode starts with a discussion between Mannara Chopra, Sunny Arya and Anurag Dobhal. They talk about Munawar Farooqui’s behavior and game plan. Mannara supports him and praises him for his patience. Ankita Lokhande talks about eliminating Munawar from the race to gain strength and patience with him.

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In another corner of the house, Abhishek Kumar was seen flirting with Firoza Khan a.k.a Hanzaadi. However, he refused to pay attention to himself. Later in the episode, Abhishek pours his heart out to Anurag. The Udaariyaan actor opens up about his relationship with Isha Malviya. Abhishek says he loves her and is mentally affected by her breakup and is struggling to move on. The actor shared that he couldn’t sleep for 6 months after the breakup. Anurag supports Abhishek and promises to be by his side.


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Abhishek speaks to Khanzaadi and asks him about his closeness with Munawar. In the previous episode, he admitted that he was watching a comedy. Khanzaadi and Munawar say that what Abhishek said is not true.

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Zid is a complete game actress. Ankita scolds Mannara and calls her ‘dumbo’ and ‘insecure’. He also revealed his words about Khanzaadi. Mannara called her ‘out of character’ because of her love angle with Abhishek Kumar.

Heated Arguments in Bigg Boss between Ankita and Munnara

Bigg Boss 17 Day 27 Highlights: Ankita Lokhande calls Mannara Chopra  'dumb', reveals she called Khanzaadi 'characterless'

Mannara and Ankita’s cold war has escalated due to the previous mission. They add fuel to the fire and give each other cold hands. Ankita slams Mannara and calls her ‘sleepy’ and ‘insecure’. Actress Pavitra Rishta called Prince Mannara ‘characterless’. Firoza faced Zidd star and this led to more controversy.

After the fight, Mannara sympathizes and tells Anurag. She said she wanted to leave the show and go home to celebrate Diwali. Munawar saw her crying and came to comfort her. Mannara just wants to spend time with Anurag.

Later in the episode, Munawar talks to Mannara and asks her not to think of leaving the house because of the negativity and opinions of some people. He said he doesn’t let people’s opinions affect him. Munawar said, the performance should be played individually, not as a group. After talking, he calmed down.

Another highlight of the episode was the fight between Sunny Arya and Samarth Jurel. The former was upset when he heard that one of the conversations had been leaked to other contestants. During the fight, Samarth called Arun Mashetti illiterate.

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