Bigg Boss 17 Day 26 Highlights : Rinku receives Immunity; Difference of Opinion enlightened

Intense drama and changing dynamics were to be seen on Bigg Boss 17 Day 26. Amid denials and confused relationship status, Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel stole some romantic time and were seen engaging in PDA. While in a heated argument with Sana Raees Khan over incomplete duties, Mannara Chopra wondered what makes Isha like him.

Bigg Boss 17 Day 26 Highlights: Rinku Dhawan receives immunity from  nomination; difference of opinion between Khanzaadi-Ankita Lokhande
Bigg Boss 17 Day 26 Highlights: Rinku Dhawan receives immunity from nomination; difference of opinion between Khanzaadi-Ankita Lokhande

Isha found her comfort zone in Samarth whereas love was seen brewing in Abhishek Kumar’s heart for Firoza Khan or Khanzaadi. In one of the portions of the episode, Munawar Faruqui set the mood right for a poem/shayri. The camera’s focus was on Abhishek’s facial expressions for Khanzaadi. On the other hand, Munawar and Mannara’s bitter-sweet banter continued.

A major chunk of the episode was occupied by an interesting yet mysterious task issued by Bigg Boss. Explaining the task, he said that a mysterious ghost would influence the actions of the female contestants. Ankita Lokhande, Sana, and Khanzaadi were chosen to participate in the task and received instructions to dance to the song, Mere Dholna. Dressed in thematic clothes, they had to choose three names to eliminate them from the power race. The task ended after 5 rounds.


The first person to perform was Ankita. After the dance, she eliminated Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt and Munawar from the race. The comedian was disappointed with Ankita’s reasoning as she called him a tough competitor but didn’t retain him in the race to get special powers. Sana was the second person to perform. She threw Vicky Jain, Abhishek and Isha out of the race.

Khanzaadi came in for the third round. She chose to eliminate Anurag Dobhal, Samarth and Sunny Arya from the race to get special powers. Navid Jose showed excitement upon hearing the song. He danced with Khanzaadi and the housemates cheered for him.

After the completion of the third round, Ankita, Sana and Khanzaadi had to decide the new order of performance as only two chances were left. As instructed by Bigg Boss, they had to come to a mutual conclusion with regard to the order. However, a fight ensued between Ankita and Khanzaadi over the same. While the former was in favour of sending Sana first, Khanzaadi had a different take. Amid a massive fight, Bigg Boss had to intervene and offer a solution.

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Elimination started in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss said since Ankita, Sana and Khanzaadi weren’t able to come to a mutual decision, they had to perform together and choose one name each for elimination from the race. Sana eliminated Navid, Khanzaadi chose Arun Mashetty whereas Ankita named Mannara.

The final round’s performance was by Khanzaadi. She had to choose between Jigna Vora and Rinku Dhawan. She picked the latter for the special powers. Bigg Boss then announced that the winner of the round received immunity from elimination next week.

Navid was disappointed with Sana’s choice of eliminating him from the race.

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