Andrew Tate claims ‘Matrix is a thief of identity and purpose’, people reacts on Truth 2023

Andrew Tate is no stranger to unique things. This time he got a lot of attention for his video criticizing The Matrix. Find out more below.

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Controversial British-American influencer Andrew Tate is back with another special. This time, he became famous on the Internet for his videos criticizing The Matrix.

He accused the system, which he called the “Matrix,” of stealing its citizens’ identities and leaving them aimless. User X posted on @TheRealWorld, “The Matrix stole your identity and left it PURPOSELESS. They need to return what they stole.”

The clip is from Andrew’s “Emergency Meeting” podcast, where he says, “If you’re all grown up and awake, you should feel the fire in you to take over the world.”

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“If you wake up and you don’t feel the fire in your blood, it was deliberately suppressed,” he added.

“Someone comes and tells you or does something to you, or it takes away your natural, God-given masculinity, that you want to go out there and do great things in the world,” he said.

“They do it on purpose and you love it,” Cobra said.
“You have to know how they get your head and fight it,” said the 36-year-old kickboxer.

However, he constantly criticized The Matrix, calling it manipulative, and showed his persistence in the matter.

Various X users stepped up to respond to the Andrew Tate’s comments.

“When you confuse testosterone with 10 cups of coffee a day,” the user wrote.

“When you and your brother are in prison, bring back what you took from me. You Matrix. “You know what I’m talking about.”
Others supported the influencer’s comment, saying it was “very good”.

“It’s medicine,” Andrews wrote.

Read About- Who is Andrew Tate, and why is he famous? Nov-2023

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